Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to making Bloomberg Industry Group more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Read more about the efforts we are undertaking.

Building a Unique Culture of Unique Cultures

What Makes Us Different Makes All the Difference

To celebrate the rich, diverse tapestry of our employees, we honor cultural holidays companywide to increase awareness and understanding.

Promoting Diversity Every Day

We allocate significant time and resources to growing and maintaining our singular work environment, where employees are free to be their authentic selves as they build their careers.

Inclusion: Infused Into the Culture

On every level, we’ve made certain inclusion is woven into the very fabric of the company. We treat everyone fairly and respectfully. Nobody is left out of the conversation. Or our success.

Employees: Our Ultimate Resource

By celebrating the backgrounds and interests of our workforce, we shatter ceilings while promoting inclusion through dedicated Employee Resource Groups, involving:

  • Women
  • New Professionals
  • Black Professionals
  • Asian Professionals
  • Latinx/Hispanic Professionals
  • Military Professionals
  • LGBTQ Professionals
  • Working Families
Bloomberg Industry Group Diversity Employees

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