Bloomberg Environment Launches Podcast Series Exploring Extensive Economic and Environmental Impacts of the Honeybee

ARLINGTON, VA (May 16, 2019) – Bloomberg Environment announced today the launch of Business of Bees, a six-part podcast series that covers the outsized role of the honeybee in U.S. economic and environmental policy. The series incorporates interviews with over 25 sources ranging from environmentalists, beekeepers, scientists, businesses executives, and entrepreneurs. Listeners can subscribe to the podcast series at

Over the decade-plus since the first cases of Colony Collapse Disorder were reported in the United States, the plight of the honeybee has hung in the balance. Host Adam Allington and environment reporters David Schultz and Tiffany Stecker traveled across the honeybee ecosystem from Washington, D.C. to the California almond fields and the orchards of the upper Midwest to report on the critical dangers facing honeybees. The series examines a number of issues at the intersection of business and environment, including the honeybees’ wide-ranging impact on the U.S. economy, the connection between bee health and pesticides, and the role of the honeybee in agriculture.

The Business of Bees exemplifies Bloomberg Environment’s focus on delivering in-depth analysis and reporting that helps our subscribers explore issues that impact business, public policy, and the environment,” said Cesca Antonelli, editor-in-chief, Bloomberg BNA.

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