Webinar: The State of Appropriations

June 13, 2018 at 2:00 PM

The appropriations process is in full swing as law makers approach election season. The House has started to bring some of the less controversial spending measures to the floor. Meanwhile, the Senate Appropriations Committee is considering measures, though the timing on the floor remains murky. As in prior years, the prospect of a continuing resolution or even a government shutdown looms large.

Bloomberg Government legislative analysts recently hosted a conversation covering:

  • The state of play for House and Senate appropriators
  • Key provisions of major spending bills
  • Events that could facilitate a spending agreement
  • The chances of a short term continuing resolution and how the midterm election could influence that outcome

Watch the replay below. BGOV clients can access the slides by clicking here. If you’re not a client and would like a copy of the slides from the webinar, please contact us via email at bbg_gov@bgov.com.