Update on Opportunity Zones

July 16, 2019 at 11:30 AM

With an estimated $6 trillion of idle capital gains in the economy and plenty of potentially lucrative markets available, opportunity zone funds are poised to become a go-to vehicle for wealthy investors looking for tax-advantaged ways to redeploy capital gains. Professionals who serve investors or investment vehicles must be prepared to guide their clients through the structural and compliance complexities of the law, including the most recent regulatory guidance.

Bloomberg Tax invites investment fund managers, financial planners, financial services providers, and their legal counsel for an important webinar to explore the tax and financial planning strategies available to investors in qualified opportunity funds and the compliance concerns of qualified opportunity zone fund managers.

Educational Objectives:

  • Qualified opportunity zone fund investments as part of wealth management, estate planning, and income tax planning strategies
  • Investor compliance issues
  • Opportunities and challenges related to structuring the investment fund in light of IRS guidance
  • Strategies to optimize return on investment and minimize compliance risk in qualified opportunity zone investment funds
  • What questions are still unanswered by the IRS

Audience: Investment Fund Managers, Financial Planners, Financial Services Providers