Remaining Operational: Re-Positioning Business During the Pandemic

April 2, 2020 at 1:00 PM

The coronavirus has caused unprecedented disruptions in global commercial and financial markets. While specific economic impacts vary, no business is unaffected by the pandemic. Companies at all levels of the supply chain have been on both the sending and receiving ends of force majeure notices informing of delays or interruptions in the normal flow of business. If business is suspended for an extended period of time, how will companies respond?

In addition to the pressing immediate concerns, what are some of the longer-term impacts of the current crisis on global businesses? How should boards be leading their companies to prepare for future interruptions that may become more frequent or further complicated by other concurrent interruptions, such as climate change? What is the legal community doing to identify and address business risks and supply chain vulnerabilities to prepare for future emergencies?

Educational Objectives

  • Perspectives on taking a systematic approach to negotiating extensions of terms in such business relationships as loan commitments, leases, supplier and service provider obligations, and other day-to-day commercial contracts
  • When it’s useful to document or “paper” a change in contract terms (including force majeure provisions and dispute resolution provisions)
  • What to do now to minimize impacts to commercial arrangements and avoid contract litigation
  • How to minimize risks in M&A transactions (including understanding the evolving landscape for R&W insurance in light of pandemic risks to business continuity and operations)
  • Steps to monitor the fiscal health of your counterparties
  • Considerations for boards of directors (including both short-term triage and longer-term strategy considerations for both supply chain issues and customer demand)
  • Reviewing your domestic and international insurance coverages
  • Sources of information for business assistance

Who would benefit most from attending this program?
This webinar is intended for lawyers who are dealing with the sudden impacts of a changed business climate, especially in-house counsel advising boards and commercial or business units, and law firms providing corporate and commercial advice.