Planning Around Implemented and Proposed Digital Services Taxes

April 28, 2021 at 1:00 PM

Though multinationals are waiting for international agreement on the OECD’s proposal on taxing the digital economy and what that could mean for their business, digital taxes have risen to prominence and businesses need to stay on top of the activity. Many countries have implemented a digital services tax or enacted other measures in response to the digital economy in recent years, including many in the European Union, and several other countries are anticipated to enact measures should an international compromise fail to materialize during the summer of 2021.

This webinar will discuss planning strategies in an ever-changing digital tax landscape. We will look into the specifics of implemented and proposed DSTs and other measures and examine which companies and services are being targeted (apps, e-books, online advertising, streaming or download media, etc.). We will discuss how DSTs are imposed and how companies would have to report and remit taxes. We will also discuss the different approaches jurisdictions around the globe are taking that may warrant extra attention.

Educational Objectives:

  • Who is impacted by existing DSTs and what services are targeted?
  • To what extent can non-digital companies be affected?
  • Understand how DSTs are imposed, including VAT/GST provisions
  • To what extent a DST is creditable against other taxes
  • Sunset rules – are these measures threatening an international agreement?


  • Corporate tax professionals with an interest in U.S.-international tax
  • Corporate Tax Attorney/Counsel, Controller/Comptroller, CPA/Accountant, General Counsel