Latest Coronavirus Impact on the State of Accounting

April 28, 2020 at 2:00 PM

The past decade introduced a ubiquitous wave of accounting reform and recent months highlight issues from the pandemic Coronavirus. Accounting, audit, and financial reporting is experiencing unprecedented challenges and delays. Seismic shifts in how companies report and disclose their transactions and operations present technical and operational challenges necessitating professional comprehension, analysis, and execution.

This webinar explores the state of accounting to analyze changes as a direct result of the Coronavirus impact on financial reporting, auditing, and sustainable accounting standards. Join us for an interactive webinar hosted by industry leaders:

–    Scott Taub, former Deputy Chief Accountant at the SEC
–    Jeffrey Hales, Chairman, Sustainable Accounting Standards Board
–    Catherine Ide Senior Managing Director, Center for Audit Quality and
–    Joseph Bailey Senior Accounting Analyst, Bloomberg Tax & Accounting

They will explore the impacts of the Coronavirus on current state of accounting and how to approach challenges and gain enhanced awareness of available resources.

Learning objectives: 
–    Gain awareness on the coronavirus and its economic impact on financial accounting, sustainable reporting and recent audit changes
–    Learn recent financial reporting standards changes
–    Know recent SEC, PCAOB, and AICPA updates and guidance for reporting requirements
–    Understand financial reporting changes and implications from the coronavirus
–    See how the how SASB standards come into play during pandemics

Who should attend:  
Accounting and Auditing Professionals