FY21 Cybersecurity Briefing

November 19, 2020 at 2:00 PM

Securing federal data and networks has become even more important in 2020, as federal employees work remotely and as agencies move increasingly more data and services to the cloud. To support that, spending at federal agencies is expected to reach peak levels once all fiscal 2020 investments are reported. Civilian agencies spent $4.2 billion on unclassified cybersecurity products and services in fiscal 2020, and the Pentagon is expected to spend about $6 billion.

The fiscal 2021 cybersecurity budget is higher than in fiscal 2020. Combined with any remaining Covid-19 stimulus money that can go toward information technology modernization and security, it is very likely that contract cyber obligations will increase again in fiscal 2021.

Join Bloomberg Government federal market analysts Laura Criste and Chris Cornillie as they address questions federal contractors may have about cybersecurity in the federal government, such as:

  • What are the top cybersecurity programs and contracts?
  • What kinds of cybersecurity products and services are agencies buying? How much of the market do information security and information assurance account for?
  • Which agencies are currently investing in cybersecurity? Which ones are planning to invest more this fiscal year?
  • Which federal contractors are the biggest suppliers of cybersecurity products and services to the federal government?