Coronavirus Impact on International Tax Compliance

April 21, 2020 at 11:00 AM

Covid-19 is profoundly affecting the global economy, severely disrupting supply chains and cash flows for businesses everywhere. Governments around the world are trying to alleviate the fallout of the health crisis on their economies by issuing relief packages, including tax incentives; relaxing tax compliance deadlines; and considering a variety of other stimulus measures.

Join us for this webinar to better understand the potential effects these measures may have on your business.

We will discuss the short-term effects of various tax administrative changes on businesses operating in the United States and overseas, including deadline extensions, payment delays and deferrals, and changes in audit policies and procedures. In addition, we will look at potential medium- and long-term effects of tax policy changes made because of the coronavirus, including issues surrounding tax residency, transfer pricing, and future tax policy discussions in light of the economic impact of the coronavirus.

Educational objectives:

  • Discuss how the CARES Act and other U.S. legislation might affect businesses
  • Understand limitations the IRS faces regarding additional guidance on TCJA, general tax compliance, and other issues after recent legislative changes
  • Review how different countries are using VAT and GST rules to offer a range of opportunities for distressed businesses to ease cash flow
  • Get an update on additional measures governments are taking, such as wholesale rate cuts, payment holidays, and targeted benefits for sensitive industry sectors
  • Learn about tax residency changes caused by shelter-in-place orders, remote work, and supply chain adjustments
  • Understand how the economic downturn will impact transfer pricing, analysis, and documentation

Who would benefit most from attending this program?

  • Corporate tax professionals
  • Corporate Tax Attorney/Counsel, Controller/Comptroller, CPA/Accountant