Conquering Payroll Year-End in the Coronavirus Era

November 19, 2020 at 2:00 PM

Year-end payroll activities can be highly challenging. The goal is to successfully navigate closing out the current year and implement changes for the coming year. During this webinar, tax professionals from KPMG LLP and Bloomberg Tax & Accounting are to discuss key aspects of the 2020 year-end process, with a special focus this year on coronavirus-related payroll compliance necessities for year-end processing.

Additionally, KPMG and Bloomberg Tax & Accounting are to discuss a wide-ranging collaborative report for year-end that features an interactive checklist for payroll professionals for use during this busy administrative season.

This webinar will cover:
•    Policy changes and new requirements that need to be implemented before Dec. 31, 2020
•    2021 by the numbers: A look at changes to limits, thresholds, and rates for the new year
•    Selected areas where employers have gone wrong in past year-end filings and how to mitigate those problems
•    Leading practices to foster compliance not just for year-end, but year-round
•    How the federal government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak is to affect year-end processing

Educational Objectives:
•    Learn about best practices for year-end payroll
•    Discuss the employer requirements during year-end pertaining to coronavirus-related compliance
•    Understand Form W-2 basics, including checks and balances
•    Discuss multistate reporting and compliance
•    Provide key state and local updates

Who would benefit most from attending this Bloomberg Tax webinar? 
Payroll professionals, CFOs, human resources directors, CPAs, lawyers, corporate tax staff, and other business and service providers working on payroll year-end.