BGOV200: Ranking the Top Federal Contractors

July 12, 2018 at 2:00 PM

Fiscal 2017 marked the highest in contract spending we’ve seen in six years. Large and small companies capitalized on the $512 billion dollars obligated in fiscal 2017, which is the most since $522 billion in fiscal 2012.

Join Bloomberg Government to review the seventh annual BGOV200 Federal Industry Leaders Study which reveals key procurement trends affecting the industry and details market driving forces that resulted in 92 companies improving in rank, 92 worsening, and 16 companies remaining the same since fiscal 2016.

The BGOV200 ranks the top 200 vendors by value of prime, unclassified contracts awarded by U.S. agencies in fiscal 2017.  The report analyzes the top contracts at 24 agencies and in 27 different purchasing categories and explores how contractors have responded and performed over the past year.


Who’s Up, Who’s Down — 16 companies, including those ranked No. 1 through No. 6, remained the same as last year, while 26 companies joined the BGOV200 list this year.

Market Movers — Consistent with recent years, most of the market moving companies in fiscal 2017 relied on spending in certain categories, such as information technology – which increased to $74 billion in fiscal 2017 from $69 billion in fiscal 2016, to improve their positions.

Acquisition Methods—Fiscal 2017 marked the emergence of new acquisition methods, such as a rise in the use other transactions authority for acquiring research and prototyping acquisitions and establishment of a revolving capital fund for managing agency IT projects.

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