Are You Taking Advantage of OTA Opportunities?

May 12, 2020 at 1:00 PM

The Department of Defense has dramatically expanded its use of Other Transaction Authority (OTA) to acquire cutting-edge technologies. OTA spending is up more than 400% over the last four years, from $1.4 billion in fiscal 2016 to more than $7.5 billion in fiscal 2019. Why? Because OTAs allow the Pentagon to quickly and efficiently access innovative technologies from organizations that don’t typically contract with the DoD.

Join Bloomberg Government expert analysts Robert Levinson and Chris Cornillie for an insightful webinar on how contracting organizations can tap into this market – they’ll cover:

  • Projected spending trends and opportunities for OTA contracts
  • Uses and applications of Other Transactions within the consortium framework
  • How both traditional and nontraditional contractors can compete and win
  • How the government can benefit from working with OTA consortia