An Insider’s View of DOD Digital Transformation

August 27, 2019 at 1:00 PM

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As the Pentagon’s self-styled “geek squad,” the Defense Digital Service has been involved in some of the department’s most high-profile technology modernization efforts. Established to identify tech industry best practices in software development and web design to help the DOD tackle its toughest technical hurdles, DDS launched the DOD’s first bug bounty program, Hack the Pentagon, in 2016. In April, DDS appointed former city of Chicago Chief Information Officer Brett Goldstein as its new director.

Join Bloomberg Government Federal Market Analyst Chris Cornillie and Defense Digital Service Deputy Director Megan Furman for an exclusive webinar, where they’ll discuss:

  • What are the problems the Pentagon is good at solving, and where does it need assistance from industry?
  • What are DDS’s priorities for fiscal 2020 and beyond?
  • How can the Pentagon better take advantage of automation and technologies such as artificial intelligence?
  • How can the Pentagon address a looming cybersecurity skills shortage?