Expert Covid-19 Resources to Navigate the Uncertainty Ahead.

News, analysis, and other intelligence specifically for professionals in government, law, tax and accounting.

Plan now to mitigate certain impacts to your business.

Bloomberg Law

Access Practical Guidance and exclusive reference materials related to health, employment and commerce to implement an effective and compliant coronavirus response.

Bloomberg Tax & Accounting

Stay on top of challenges related to 401(k) plans, commercial property, federal exemptions and deferrals – along with responses to Covid-19 at the state and county levels.

Bloomberg Government

Get a thorough examination of policy issues impacted by Covid-19 through bill summaries, news, and analysis. Get guidance on the implications of the pandemic on the economy, elections, more.

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Crisis Management for Businesses

Anticipate and manage coronavirus-related issues—such as quarantine and sick leave—with this exclusive special report.


State Tax Coronavirus Roadmap

Explore the state tax implications of coronavirus for your clients and organizations with this expertly prepared roadmap.


Covid-19 Government Contractor Guidance

Make confident choices and find opportunities as you adapt to the realities of Covid-19 in the contracting space.